How to Get Rid of Overthinking and Worrying Without Overthinking and Worrying

It’s impossible to fix your mind with your mind!

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If you have tried to think yourself out of overthinking and failed, there’s a reason for that!

Einstein said,

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.” 

In this course, I share a simple solution to overthinking and worrying that I found after 30 years of searching in vain.

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“We do not think ourselves into new ways of living; we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.” Richard Rohr.

If you are prone to overthinking and worrying, you know that FIGURING IT OUT doesn’t help. In fact, it makes it worse.

I know from personal experience – the NUMBER ONE mistake we, overthinkers, make is trying to THINK OURSELVES OUT OF OVERTHINKING! 

And we break our heads over it.

The mind doesn’t help. Thinking IS the problem! 

The more we analyze the more anxious we get. What we focus on gets energized.

There’s a strong inner gravitational pull to keep thinking about it more and more. It’s almost impossible to stop thinking.

The mind goes in circles. It tries to understand itself, but all it gets is analysis paralysis.

The mind is NOT the answer. It’s the problem.

So how do you get out of your mind without going out of your mind?

How do you get rid of overthinking and worrying without overthinking and worrying?

Our anxious states are a spell.

And spells cannot be reasoned away because they are not rational. 

We have never reasoned ourselves into worry, fear, or emotional unrest.

Any negative feeling is a spell, whether it’s worry, fear, anger, envy, self-hate, or depression.

It doesn’t arise from the rational part of the brain – the so-called pre-frontal cortex.

It arises from the dark recesses of the ancient lizard brain – the “fight and flight” part of the autonomic nervous system.

It bypasses all rationality and summons this deep-seated high-adrenaline animal response – fight, flight, or freeze.

There’s only one power that can break the spell of this low-frequency animal emotion.

The power of CONNECTION. 

Connection with: 

1. Yourself; 
2. Others; 
3. And a Higher Power.

I grew up with active alcoholism in my family and experienced a lot of abandonment as a child. My first anxiety attack hit me when I was 21.

One thing chronic abandonment does to you is it makes you feel disconnected, small, unwanted, and, above all, alone.

You get used to living from this inner belief: “You are on your own” – this becomes your subconscious mantra that plays in your mind as a broken record.

Sometimes you are aware of it as a “voice in your head,” and sometimes it manifests itself as a vague dark emotion of worry, hopelessness, or hypervigilance. 

This feeling of isolation is a breeding ground for developing anxious states of mind, PTSD-related symptoms, and co-dependency.

But THERE IS A WAY OUT. What I found after 30 years of overthinking and worrying is that the solution is surprisingly simple, and it has nothing to do with thinking.

Don’t wait for 30 years! If you are tired of overthinking and worrying, learn the action steps you need to break the shackles of your mind right now.  

There’s nothing to understand, nothing to analyze, nothing to figure out, and, above all, nothing to resist. You don’t need to think to get rid of overthinking.

“We do not think ourselves into new ways of living; we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.” Richard Rohr

There are a few behaviors we need to practice every day to “live ourselves into a new way of thinking.”

A non-anxious mind is a connected mind.

What causes all negative emotions?

According to Brene Brown, a world-famous researcher of shame and vulnerability, all negative emotions thrive on three things:

1.       Secrecy;

2.       Silence;

3.       Judgment.

And there are three things no negative emotion can survive:

1.       Being identified and named;

2.       Being spoken;

3.       Being met with relentless empathy.

Collectively, these three steps can be called a sensation of CONNECTION.

And this sensation starts with the feeling of connection with yourself.

When you feel one with yourself, you feel one with the Whole.
When you feel one with the Whole, you feel one with yourself.

Rumi said it best: 

I looked for God and found only myself; I looked for myself and found only God.    

What are you going to learn in this course?

You will develop a personal strategy for replacing intrusive thoughts of worry with thoughts and feelings of joy, a deep connection with yourself, others, and a Higher Power.

You will learn step by step how to get rid of overthinking:

1.  Discover your inner self (also called an inner child) and start tuning in to your own inner guidance – the infinite wisdom of your deeper self.

2.  Create your own POWER LIST of “things to do”/”thoughts to think” that you will use every time you need to PULL YOURSELF OUT of the anxious mind when you have feelings of anxiety. 

4.  Learn how to connect with yourself, others, and Higher Power by choosing to think uplifting thoughts and engaging in uplifting activities moment by moment.

5.  Deal with setbacks when feelings of anxiety still come. (It will, but it’s okay! Rejoice! It means you are learning and expanding!)

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