The Song of the Void: A Self-Fish Story

A new illustrated fairy story with ocean-deep meaning.

She had eyes full of ocean-like sadness.

And there was a great big void.

And the void was so deep and wide and empty that one could easily drown in it.

It was like a gaping abyss in the crevice of time, an insatiable black hole sucking everything in with its irresistible gravity.

It was at once a pack of hungry wolves, a mighty hurricane, a raging ocean, and a gentle flower.

And there was beauty in it.


— Jeeezus Christ, Eugene, you have an excellent command of your vocabulary. I think I might just cry… D.R. Martin —

— Very, very beautiful. Aizaz Baqir —

— Great writing and clear philosophy! I am very happy I found your work. Mato Spares the Blind Spot —

— You definitely have a way with words. Laurel Callahan —

— Gorgeous! And in my experience so true! Thank you. Suzanne Baker —

— Extraordinary… your analogy is very apt and can be a ray of hope for many self-fish out there. Gopal C. —

— I really love it. Such a gift you have given me. Thank you! Scarlet —

“To be selfless, you must first have a Self that you can give up. There is a world of difference between giving up yourself and giving up on your Self.”

“What do you mean?” asked Self-Fish in utter amazement.

“You must first become who you are. Become Self-Fish.”

“But… but… I am that already!”

“You see, if you don’t have a Self, you are not really a Self-Fish.

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