Professional Ghostwriting Services in Health and Spirituality

Are you looking for professional ghostwriting services in health and spirituality? I have written 7 books and translated over 10M words in health and spirituality since 2001.

I write in-depth books and articles on psychology, trauma, PTSD, neuroscience, mental health, spirituality, the Bible, addiction recovery, etc.


Stories that move, revitalize, inform, and connect.

My name is Eugene Terekhin. I am a freelance SEO writer, ghostwriter, digital content strategist, published author, editor, and English-to-Russian translator based in Friendswood, TX.

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I am a storyteller producing mind-stimulating, interest-kindling, highly engaging content that rivets the reader’s attention. All my work is SEO-friendly.

Ghostwriting and Creative Writing Experience:

(2024): Ghostwriting a 10,000-word book on breaking free from addiction (12 steps of recovery).

(2023): Writing a script for a YouTube video based on a short story about the paradox of time.

(2023): Writing a 17,000-word book The You in You on spirituality, meditation, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle.

(2023): Writing a 90,000-word epic novel The New Exodus: Escaping One Man’s War based on the true story of two Russian families who fled Russia on the brink of mandatory conscription in 2022.

(2023): Writing 5 real estate blogs for an agent in San Antonio covering such topics as “Selling Your House for Cash to iBuyers,” “Backed By Cash and Cash Home Offers,” etc.

(2021-2023): Writing a 120-page non-fiction book Eleven Hidden Gems in the Works of the Inklings: The Music of Iluvatar in the Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Owen Barfield. My book has been featured on the website of Owen Barfield Literary Estate as recommended reading.

(2018) Writing a spiritual fairy-tale The Song of the Void: A Self-Fish Story about discovering your true self and overcoming trauma.

Pierucci Publishing (2022-2023):

Ghostwriting: Writing a 35,000-word book on extraordinary consciousness, spiritual awakening, and neuroscience. Interviewing the author in Otter and developing the plot and flow of the story.

Deep Editing: Consulting authors on how to develop the narrative and characters through literary devices and spiritual insights.


The Wellness Company:


Writing 50 educational articles for The Wellness Company, covering a wide range of topics including mental health, addiction recovery, vitamin therapy, neuroplasticity, reversing negative thinking, PTSD, childhood trauma, shadow work, inner child work, and more. This is a contest-winning article on anxiety:


The National Addiction Awareness Complex


Social Media Marketing: Developing web content, writing email copy, and newsletters for fundraising campaigns and social media posts to promote this enormous non-profit undertaking.

Online Publications: