What Happens When You Heal Your Inner Child?

A parent holding a child's hand

How do you heal your inner child? What is it in the first place?

Your inner child is your inner guidance system that tells you what you need to be happy.

Your inner child is that part of you that always knows what you would have been if you had been loved perfectly.

It’s an inner sensor of love or its absence.

Your inner child is a flower inside you that blooms or fades depending on how much love you feel.

The inner child is that part of me that always tells me the absolute truth about how I feel right now.

If I feel bad inside but keep smiling on the outside, my inner child will be kicking and screaming – and I will feel inner conflict.

If I neglect him for too long and he feels desperate, he will hide – making me feel sad and lost.

If I really hate doing something but try to convince myself otherwise, my inner child will not be fooled. He will break the truth quite bluntly:

“I want to get out of here!”

You may ignore this still small voice for a long time – or even try to silence it entirely – but it will ALWAYS manifest itself in your subconscious through feelings, dreams, and those serendipitous moments when life catches you unawares.

Your inner child is your inner GPS system to always guide you towards perfect love.

The inner child knows what it feels like to be loved perfectly and always protests when you acquiesce to something less.

The more we neglect that voice, the further away we are from perfect love.

The more we want to control, the more inner conflict we feel.

Inner conflict indicates a struggle between what your inner child feels and what your controlling mind craves.

The difference between my inner child and me is that I can lie to myself, and he cannot.

He is my innermost treasure to point me to what I need to be truly happy.

But if I want to connect to this inner GPS system and allow it to lead me to real joy and fulfillment, I need to first recognize my inner child and start listening to him.

It’s not easy at first – the inner child has been hurt. He doesn’t trust me. I have been mistreating him for so many years.

Why would he go out of hiding? Why would he crawl from under the bed?

He will, eventually, if I keep showing up for him with RELENTLESS EMPATHY.

That’s what a loving parent does! They give the child RELENTLESS EMPATHY and UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE.

We need to become our own loving parents.

The child is attracted to love like moths are attracted to light.

Listen to your inner child. What does he or she tell you? You know it by how you feel. The inner child uses the language to feeling to show you what’s really going on inside.

If you feel bad in a certain situation but do nothing or just keep pushing through, you neglect your inner child.

But if you feel bad in a situation and ask yourself, “What needs to change for you to feel better”? your inner child will respond very quickly.

He or she might say:

“Get out.”

Or: “Don’t do this.”

Or: “I don’t like that person.”

Or: “I want this.”

Listen to this still small voice. It’s your soul telling you what it needs to be happy.

The moment we give our inner child the love that it craves our own feelings change immediately.

This is reparenting. We feel that WE HAVE BEEN LOVED.

Listening to our inner child rewards us with a sense of wholeness we never knew.

The wisdom of the inner child is one of the deepest mysteries of human existence that saints of old praised.

St. Catherine used to run through the streets of Genoa shouting,

My deepest me is God! My deepest me is God!

Connecting with your inner child is connecting with your Divine self.

Rumi said,

I looked for myself and found only God; I looked for God and found only myself.

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